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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 350 hour training with Stillpoint, NYC, taught by Franklyn Sills, Shannon Dailey, Clara Favale & Christina Barrow (2016)

Somatic Experiencing 216 hour training with Berns Galloway

Pre and Perinatal Residential Level 1 72 hour Intensive with Myrna Martin

5-day Birth Process with Myrna Martin and personal study by her video course

Visceral Manipulation (VM1, 2, 3 & 4 with Ken Frey, Annabel Mackenzie, )

2 month mentorship in 'Facilitating somatic research' with dance artist and Craniosacral Therapist Shannon Cooney in Berlin, Germany, supported by the Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Fund.


Jaap Van der Waal's 5day course 'The Embryo in us' on embryological development.

Personal study in the Alexander technique with Boaz Freeman since 2012

Significant experience with Contact Improvisation, Experiential Anatomy, Body Mind Centering, Yoga & Feldenkrais through workshops and study.

I am a queer multidisciplinary artist, somatic researcher and holistic bodyworker based in Toronto, Canada. With backgrounds in contemporary dance, musical composition, videography and healing work, my journey has been one of creativity and curiosity. I have lived in 5 countries, planted trees, worked on organic farms, taught piano, performed on stages in Berlin, NYC, Montreal & Toronto. www.robertkingsbury.ca


Over a decade of arts work and a rich family life have fostered a core motivating principle of being engaged in the investigation of relational embodiment. Dance, music and bodywork have helped me to move to come further into embodiment as a queer man. I have worked through my own postural imbalances, relational/developmental trauma and slowly re-negotiated intense unresolved states both of anxiety and depression that were held in my body. I aim to be a support for anyone who is drawn to this path of deep resolution and renewal.

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Robert Kingsbury

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