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Working with Robert has been a beautiful and fluid process. He meets me where I need to be met. He is patient, kind and at the same time gently directive. His intuition, knowledge, impeccably timed questions, gestures, humour and choices allow for a deep and rich experience. Roberts ability to relate and connect with another is very touching.  He holds a space where my body and I can lead the way too. It truly is sacred work.  I am deeply grateful for Roberts work and highly recommend him. Thank you Robert for honouring my process. 



I came to see Robert regarding a head and neck injury to both help process the trauma of the experience and receive craniosacral therapy. I was met with warmth, compassion, and a feeling of welcome, to have my experiences both witnessed and validated. Robert's constant attunement allowed me to settle into both myself and feel the support of the space he held. Re-experiencing the trauma became less of a tidal wave and instead really peeling back what was true and always with the intent of making me feel safe. There was a curiosity to see where the experience would lead and how it would eventually become integrated. The sessions consisted of both Somatic Experiencing and then some Craniosacral. I saw Robert for a total of 5 sessions and it has left me feeling more whole, capable, and understanding of myself. I am grateful for his accommodation and attentiveness. As a performer, it has helped me come back to a deeper and renewed sense of self and has aided me in my journey of healing through listening to the body's needs. 


Austin S


Robert brings a unique synthesis of intuition, sensitivity and intelligence to his work. I have had several sessions of combined Somatic Experiencing and Craniosacral treatments, which I found very helpful in healing a back injury and integrating the accompanying emotional and psychological stress. Robert listens in a multi-dimensional way offering simultaneous support and spaciousness to unfold your own experience within his treatments. I highly recommend his work.

Erin Godfrey

Movement Educator, Dancer

As a dancer who has experienced a lifetime of various forms of bodywork, Robert’s depth, sensitivity and innate awareness of our ability to heal, open and elucidate ourselves is extraordinary. He enters treatments with a calm confidence and curiosity that always, first and foremost, supports the rejuvinative work that my body is already engaged in. By providing time for the subtle work of energy and openness, I have never left a session without a sense of transformation ~ always positive and often profound. More often than not, this sensation will continue for days. Always involving a feeling of lithe fluidity thoughout my body and a general sense of wellbeing, it is never exactly the same, dealing as it does with the ever-changing present body.

Danielle Baskerville

Contemporary Dancer, Producer, Artistic Associate of The Dietrich Group

I engaged in craniosacral therapy with Robert during his training hours for a period of 10 appointments. I believe my experience with Robert was integral to my healthy adjustment to a new position in a new field of work in mental health, a process that can be stressful and exhausting. It helped me find internal resources that supported me to come through the adjustment period feeling resilient. I still feel that I don’t have the right words to describe my experience with this practice, which maybe isn’t surprising because of its intuitive and bodily approach to our Self, which differs from Head-led talk therapies. I can, however, provide a confident recommendation of Robert’s skill, sensitivity and support in his work as a practitioner of craniosacral therapy.

A. E.

Social worker

Taking 10 craniosacral sessions with Robert was a rewarding and creative experience on many levels. From the moment I entered the room in our first session I knew that Robert was dedicated to the practice and was invested in my process. Robert kept room for lots of discovery in the moment and I felt that he was always negotiating his own energy with mine and with what we were creating in the room. It was an experience like no other.

I always felt safe to let out a sound, a thought, a laugh or anything else that I needed to do. Basically, I always felt comfortable. I really appreciated Robert's clarity with scheduling. I would highly recommend him as a therapist in this field if the client is looking for someone to facilitate an experience that provides a space for healing, self-reflection, and a space that brings you closer to your heart and mind.

Alex Samaras

Vocalist & Adjunct Professor: University of Toronto, Humber College

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